Our Process

Garrick Fox has been helping people with legal document preparation since 1978. We Offer a New and Stress-Free Way of getting a divorce. We are not a document preparation website or a paralegal document preparer site. We are a Florida law firm offering legal services in family law and Mediation.

We offer legal services online and in-person because we recognize that in today’s world, different people want to do business in different ways. We have clients who prefer conversations in person about their cases and others prefer to meet by video conference. Our service is great for either extreme or anyone in between. To help we offer a free guide on how to use the most popular video conferencing software.

Our process centers on you. No question or concern is too trivial to discuss. We try to create an informal and welcoming environment within which you decide whether you wish us to make your divorce less stressful.

1. Your situation is unique, so our process is customizable to each individual’s needs and circumstances.

2. Reach out to us. We will ask questions, listen to you and assess your matter to determine how we can help.

3. You may just need document preparation. Or, your situation might require mediation. We will cater to your needs to help solve your family law issues—whatever they may be. Our process saves time and money.

4. We will meet over the phone, virtually, or in-person to contract with us and get started.

5 . If you are not able to communicate with the other party, we can reach out to get everyone on the same page, referred to as a “communication engagement consultation.”

6. If mediation and/or settlement consultation services are used, you will come away feeling confident and educated to make decisions.

7, If mediation is used, an agreement is the desired outcome and likely if all parties remain committed to the process, fair and reasonable.

8. Once an agreement is reached, we will prepare your final agreement and other documents necessary to finalize your divorce.